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by Catherine Frakas 19 Jan 2003

Generational Bondage QUESTION from shirley October 29, 2000 My husband and I have been married for 30 years. He is a born and raised Catholic but has not attended Mass for approx. 25 years or more. He does not (or will not) talk about God, does not like it when I do and becomes very angry when I thank God for things or when I comment on how good the Lord has been to us. He has actually assumed a look in his eyes when I have told him how he is hurting Jesus to which he replied I don't care.
Alcoholism was prevalent on his side of the family, so too, denial, and his father suffered from a nervous breakdown years ago. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital off and on for a long time and my husband's mother was left to raise the six children for the most part on her own.
I really don't know much else about what went on in the family but I feel that there may have been some type of abuse or possibly incest (not necessarily involving my husband).
He says that he is going to hell. When I try to explain that such and such a thing is a sin he will reply what's one more sin. I have tried to talk to him and explain to him that God does not want anyone to go to hell. After all, would a God who sent His only Son to die on a cross for us want anyone to go to hell? To this, my husband did not reply (that I could hear).
He pollutes his mind with movies that are extremely vulgar and sexually unacceptable and says that there is nothing wrong with this. He is so blinded! He has been doing this for years.
Could all this be some kind of demonic possession or bondage or perhaps hereditary or generational bondage? Could this be passed on to our children and/or my grandchild? Or, could he be suffering from depression or anger at God for something. Am I way off base?
What should I do? I pray for him frequently and when I can't I ask others to. I say a spiritual warfare prayer often but will start saying it daily. I have blessed my house (every room and especially the TVs and the computer) with Holy Water (this however does not replace the blessing of the Priest)several times. I have sacramentals everywhere! I have blessed him, the bed, the sheets, put blessed, exorcised salt in the salt shaker, said the simple prayer of exorcism for Priests or laity published by order of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII (which I retrieved from the internet)and prayed for the intercession of St. Michael and the Blessed Mother.
While sitting here just now deciding whether or not I would submit this question, I realized that he does not seem to like the Rosary very much. He won't leave it in the car and the one that I put near his side of the bed has disappeared. Maybe this is just my imagination?
Any advice you have for me will be much appreciated. I have only been a Catholic for seven years but am trying.
Thank you so much for your time.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on December 17, 2000 Dear Mrs. Shirley:
I am sorry to hear this and will certainly be in prayer for you and your husband.
Yes, it is possible that your husband is in some sort of demonic bondage. That may only be the tip of the ice-berg. He may have many other problems psychologically. Most of the time demons are hitch-hikers. They may not cause a problem, but they love to hitch a ride on an already existing problem and make it worse than it has to be -- like poking a finger into a wound.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, a psychological problem or the demonic bondage? We may never know, but the response is still the same. He needs counseling, he needs the Church, he needs healing, and he may need deliverance.
You are doing the things you should do. I would also make sure that you and your family members pray the prayer of Renunciation for Ancestral Sins. This is VERY important as it will close the door from demonic influence that may be coming from from the sins of ancestors. That prayer is in our Catalog of SW prayers linked on the Index page of this forum.
In that catalog of prayers you will find other prayers that will be useful to pray for your husband.
So keep doing what you are doing. Bless the house, TV, etc. with Holy Water and prayers regularly, at least weekly, pray for him, go to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and tell Jesus about the situation, offer him up to our Blessed Mother, etc.
On the prayer from Pope Leo. You CANNOT pray that prayer as is. It must be edited. We are not allowed to use the I Language such as I rebuke you demon of ..... or I cast you out demon of ..... We cannot pray such prayers.
Instead we can change that prayer to: Father in heaven please rebuke this demon of ......
We will be in prayer for you.
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