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by Catherine Frakas 27 Jan 2003

Spiritual Freedom, the lack of understanding QUESTION from Jeremiah October 18, 2000 First of all, I am not pleased at the ignorance your page displays, and I assume it was an error on one thing...The 'demon' historically has no evil or good connotation, you quoted from the bible, but the meaning and worship of demons goes way back further, and the names used (Satan, Lucifer) were pre-christian pagan gods. Lucifer was a God of Light, a bringer goodness. 'Demon' comes from greek meaning 'divine knowledge' and a few other looses meanings (((With NO evil concepts involved))) I personally am a demonologist, but not in the sense you are assuming right now...I follow the 'Christ Consciousness', with God being my primary demon. I do not worship their existence nor truly work with them, I merely acknowledge their existence, and so do you. What's an angel, if not a demon, what's a god, if not a demon, and what is a human, if not a demon? A demon is any 'force' that has a personality. yes, some are evil, some are good..((Ie. God is good, Satan is evil)) But the practices supposedly condemned by the Catholic Church, some of your saints and apostles were DIVINERS!!!! But since it came from God, it's all right, right? Wrong, it is what it is, and if it came from god, good. But I ask, why do you talk of 'New Age' Religion as being evil? Did not the Romans call christianity evil? yes, they did, because it threatened their authority, the same as the new religions of today threaten your precious hold on power and money. And don't lie, your church had Indulgences around 1200, where a man could PAY HIS WAY INTO HEAVEN!!!!! An indulgence, if you claim ignorance, was where a man could pay money to pay off a sin, and therefore not go into purgatory. Also, You speak of reincarnation ((and I mean back into human form, not sentient animals, which we are not)), but the bible confirms reincarnation, as Jesus is coming back, as he told the jews when they asked if he was Elias, and he told them No, you knew Elias before, and then that life became now as John the Baptist....No human has the right to interpret God's will except God alone, Many popes have abused their power for PURELY MONETARY INTEREST over the last couple of centuries. Only God has the right to decide who goes where when they die. By the way, how can one burn in hell when hell is not a physical place, and we leave our physical bodies on earth? I am not attacking you, but I want an admission that the Catholic Church has acted with non-spiritual ideas and has gone directly against the will of god in times, but I also want you to say, truthfully, that you are trying to lead people to the Lord's Salvation, which is the truth, well, one version of it.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on December 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Jeremiah:
Sir, what you are is a wacko, or a seriously misguided person; and obviously an anti-Catholic bigot. Satan has your number and has you seriously confused
We will pray that you will convert to the True God, that you will come to know Jesus Christ as your savior and make a profession of faith in Him, before it is too late.
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