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Pick your mind QUESTION from John R Verhanovitz,Jr September 23, 2000 Sorry to bother you again. I was on my way home after mass, when it dawned on me it was a word or phrase that made the demons expose themselves to me. I was saying the rosary on all three occasions. There must be a phrase or word in the rosary. Do you know what it is? Hope you don't mind me picking your brain. God Bless & god Keep
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on November 25, 2000 Dear Mr. Verhanovitz:
We need to be very careful about magical thinking. There are no magic words or phrases that sap demons, although demons don't like the name of Jesus Christ, not because it is magical, but because of what it represents. Demons don't like the Rosary or Holy Water because of what they represent. But none of these things will magically expose or sap demons.
Second, directly exposing demons is forbidden by Church law.
Again, slow down. Maybe you are call to this and maybe not.
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