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Weakness and Spiritual Dilemma QUESTION from Scott August 18, 2000
I'm in the midst of a major dilemma. I am a practicing Catholic that has not been completely true to the faith. I met a young lady online and got to know her and form an emotional attachment to her. We met and became intimate. I have found out that she is a member of an organization called O.T.O. She claims that she is a member in this organization, however that she's trying to get out of it. She claims that it is Satanic and that it has been her lifestyle for the past 18 years. I care for this girl, but also have a very strong faith belief myself. I know that my behavior may not demonstrate this faith, but I know where my heart and soul belongs (With Christ). My Question is three-fold. I know that to protect myself, I must undergo the sacrement of reconciliation, however, how else may I protect myself from any demonic influence? Second, What exactly is O.T.O. and is it truly as widespread as she has suggested it is? Second, how can I help draw this woman away from the clutches of Satan? She has stated strong interest in leaving the Coven, but that threats of physical harm by other members of her church. How can I help get her out of this group and help protect her physically and spritually. I'm aware that I cannot do this, but only Jesus can, but how do I go about helping cover her with Jesus' protection. I'm concerned for myself, but downright frightened for her. I know where the true power of the universe lays, and I know that there's power simply in the name of Jesus. I know that Satan would love to get his hands on me because of my awareness, but how do I further help protect myself. I know I could simply turn this young lady to the winds of her own fate, but for the first time in a long time, I feel I owe a person more than that. I feel that to abandon her right now would be equivalent to signing her over to the dark one. I need prayers, and I need sound advice from someone who doesn't think I'm crazy for thinking like this.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on September 7, 2000 Dear Mr. Scott:
If this girl has been involved in the O.T.O for eighteen years there is likely to be some serious problems that will occur in her leaving.
The O.T.O is a satanic group, one of the oldest currently in operation. It is very popular in Europe, especially England, and in the United States. It is not a group to mess with. Those in its membership are most likely in deep demonic bondage. Trying to leave the group may be difficult and filled with psychological and spiritual problems.
I would caution getting involved with her.
If you have already been intimate with her then you might already be contaminated by things you don't want to be contaminated by. Demonic transference is a common thing to happen when having sex with someone who is demonized.
You need to state close to the Church, keep yourself pure, take daily communion if you can, go to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, go to confession at least one or twice a month, plus there are various prayers that might be useful to you that are cataloged in our Collection of Spiritual Warfare Prayers that is linked at the top of the SW Forum Index Page.
But one factor in protecting yourself could be to cease friendship with this girl. If she is really trying to leave satanism, she (and you if you are with her) may have a hard and painful mountain to climb.
To your second question of how can I help draw this woman away from the clutches of Satan?
You can't. You are WAY over your head. You can pray for her, encourage her, comfort her, try to protect her physically, but you are not qualified to provide the kind of serious and in-depth spiritual counseling and deliverance she is going to need. And also, depending on her coven her life and yours could be in jeopardy.
This is not a game and is very serious. She needs to get to a deliverance counselor and will need perhaps long-term counseling.
We will be in prayer for you. This is a serious and dangerous thing you are undertaking.
Feel free to call me on the phone if you need.
God Bless.
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