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exorcism QUESTION from Jakob Hjalmarsson August 2, 2000 People are approching me more frequenty and asking to remove unpleasant entities in their homes. I gife that help I know and pray and renounce in the nama of the Lord, but would like to know better the ways tha trad church has to deal with things of this kind. Please give me som book titles and information/guidance in this matter.
In Christ. Fr Jakob
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on October 18, 2000 Dear Fr. Hjalmarsson:
Well books dealing with issues of poltergeist or other entities in a house, as opposed to a person possessed, are a little hard to come by.
Some of the old prayers in the Book of Blessings from before Vatican II include specific language that contains simple exorcisms. I might have some of these around somewhere.
Other than that the field experience of priests and people like myself is the primary source of information. Based upon field experience and the general principles of spiritual warfare prayer we can construct prayers that can deal with these sorts of situations.
BUT, this issue is not always that simple. Sometimes, that is sometimes, the presence of entities in a house has not to do with the house, but with the people living in the house. In that event, deliverance counseling must be done with the people. As the problem with the people are resolved, the problem of the poltergeist is often resolved.
As with many things involving Spiritual Warfare, the simple can be complicated.
The Prayers, Resisting Satan’s Attack Against Our Household and Rebuking Particular Spirits Affecting the Household found in our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Collection linked on the SW Forum Index page may be of help to you generally.
I can see about composing some prayers more specific to you situation and include them in the Prayer collection. I will try to do that this weekend.
If you are dealing with things more complicated or powerful than what those prayers, then you need to contact me privately and perhaps I can help you.
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