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long version St. Michael prayer QUESTION from Audra Cotton July 31, 2000 i have been reading alot of the posts on here and have found that praying the long version of the st. michael prayer is not good. about a year ago i rather earnestly prayed this prayer at least once and possibly more for a particular person, his family, and his company. it appeared that he was a wolf in sheep's clothing and trying to start a church/cult out of his house. my husband worked for him at that point. soon after that, the whole company collapsed, this man lost his house, and of course now my husband no longer works for him. BUT my husband is still working with someone who used to have a close friendship with him. at the time that i said this prayer, i thought it MIGHT be something i shouldn't do, but didn't KNOW until today. it is interesting that at the time all this weird cultish stuff was going on, i had been thinking of leaving the catholic church, but didn't because during that time also i had met several differant non-denominational people who had so many differant interpretations of the bible that i wanted to research Christianity from the beginning and prayed with all my heart and soul to do God's will and to belong to the church God wanted me to belong to. to make a long story short, soon after that i whole-heartedly started believing in the Catholic church. not merely because i was raised in it. anyway, i wanted to ask if you will pray for me and my family, we are still not totally catholic, but very close. i also wanted to ask since i didn't know that saying that prayer was bad, and i honestly was doing it for a good reason, what does that mean? i guess what i am trying to ask is, what is going to happen because of me saying that prayer?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on September 17, 2000 Dear Mrs. Cotton:
Sure, we will pray for you and your family that any and all impediments that may still be present concerning living the full Catholic life will be removed.
The Catholic Faith is the Faith of our Fathers, the Apostles. It is such a beautiful faith and it is the Church that Jesus founded Himself. What a privilege to be in Jesus's True Church.
On the prayer, since you were not aware of the restrictions you are not accountable for that. But now that you do know, you should not prayer that prayer unless it is edited properly.
God Bless.
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