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shapes of light,and voices QUESTION from John Paul Cisar June 17, 2000 I have a couple of questions for regaurdig strange shapesof light whch hve appeared on my bedroom wall. The first one was that of a golden horizontal beam, about 3-4 ft long. I know it not a hoax since at the time my window blinds were down so it couldnt have come from outside. The second was that of an X, and the third was slightly different since insted of a shape, there was three golden drop coming from where the X had appeared. This is the order that they appeared in. Do you have any idea as to what they mean?
Second, there have been a couple of times when I had heard the horrible voice of the Devil while lying alone in bead at night. The fist time I heard Feel Guilty, the second I have your soul, followed by an agonizing scream, the third time was ing telling me I envy you These voices have since then left me with the impresion that God does'love me. Why would God permit this to happen?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 Dear Mr. Cisar:
There are many possible explanations to what you are describing. There could be a light source that you missed and don't know about, you could have a medical problem with your eyes which can cause such things, or you could be hallucinating, or it could be supernatural.
There is no way for me to know.
As for the voices, that too could be a result of a psychiatric problem that is developing, and over-active conscience and imagination, or perhaps demonic.
There is one thing for sure. God LOVES YOU. If these voices are demonic then ask yourself, what agenda would demons have?
Would demons have an agenda to make you feel loved by God? Would they have an agenda to help you get closer to God?
Their agenda would be to make you doubt God's love and to walk away from God.
Since you know that this is their agenda, why let them get by with it?
Pray to God to rebuke these demons and to take them away from you. There are prayers in our Prayer Collection that may be useful to you. That collection is link on the SW Q & A Index page.
As to why God allows this? He allows all for our own good. Often times these experiences help us to realized just how powerful God is. These experiences can help us to realize that God is God and we are to rely upon Him.
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