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New Age Danger? QUESTION from Carol June 15, 2000 Dear John Paul,
Thank you for this resource on such a seldom discussed issue. I am a Christian, non-Catholic, but drawn to the faith and our saints, especially St. Francis. My son and his wife (with small children) were becoming active in the chruch and searching for God. They had an excellent marriage. My son is finding the truth.
Two years ago, his wife got involved with New Age practices. She has steadily declined to the point the marriage is in shambles and she is a nightmare of confusion. Before I realized they were having serious problems, I was in their house alone one day and was struck with the presense of evil. I have (rarely) felt the presense of evil, but it happened that day. I said a prayer and it went away. I have advised them that New Age practices open a channel for evil. My son won't have anything to do with it, but she is not listening. Sometimes I feel that I am thinking irrationally, but the dramatic change in her has alienated friends and family and we are all in so much pain.
How can I helpher and my son? Their children? They are getting counseling, but not spiritual counseling. My friends are praying for them. Please pray for them, too, and advise me if there is something more I could be doing.
I am emotionally stable and strong, my faith is solid, but this ennervates me to an alarming degree. About 20 years ago, I messed around with the Tarot and Oujia board. I got scared and haven't touched it since. Has this made me vulnerable to what is going on now? Thank you for being
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 Dear Mrs. Carol:
We will certainly pray for this situation.
Free will allow people to do what they wish regardless of how terrible the decision is.
If you have discussed this with your daughter-in-law, referred her to books perhaps, pointed out the teachings of the your church, then the basis are covered in terms of appeal to reason.
The mode of attack then must be in prayer. There are many prayers that may be useful to you in our Catalog of prayers linked on the index page of this SW Q & A.
In addition, I would also step in as a paterfamilias. Although your son has a family of his own, he is still under you and your husband's household spiritually. Your husband and yourself may step in as paterfamilias, patriarch and matriarch for your family -- extended family -- and protect it. You have a right to protect your family.
Praying the prayer with the authority of a grand-paterfamilias will have great power because it is a patri/matri-arch fighting for their family.
Continue the prayer route. Pray for her constantly. Hopefully, the Holy Spirit will reach her.
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