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generational curses QUESTION from sean May 23, 2000 Are generational curses directtly involved with demonic oppression? A teenager who goes to the Catholic Youth Group I help lead is obviously being strongly affected by a generational curse. If he allows us to pray for him should we be asking God to deliver him from a demonic oppression of some sort or just that he would be freed from the generational curse?
Also apart from this question a few years ago a Protestant friend of mine (whom I think was Baptist) told me that there was a demon named jesus if this is true is it important that we always pray to Jesus the Christ? I have observed in the prayers you write in your forum always refer to Jesus as Jesus Christ? Just curious about the latter question.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on June 13, 2000 Dear Sean:
The first rule in Spiritual Warfare is: DON'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS!!
You state that this person is obviously affected by a generational curse. YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT. Only after a thorough investigation by qualified people could be come up with a diagnosis.
Second rule in Spiritual Warfare: DON'T PLAY DOCTOR, when you aren't even trained in First Aid.
You should NOT try to deliver this person. You can pray privately for him of course. You can use some of the prayers in the Spiritual Warfare Prayer catalog linked on the Index page, but you should not even think of dealing with this situation directly. You are not qualified.
You could give him a copy of the Renunciation of Ancestral Sins that is located in the Prayer Catalog. It is a prayer to break the hold of generational demons. Other prayers in the Catalog may be useful to him as well.
Yes, demons can all themselves Jesus which is why I always mention Jesus with his Title: Jesus Christ
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