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Out of body experiences QUESTION from Dee May 31, 2000 Dear Sir:
I have had for the past 10-15 years experiences of leaving my body while I sleep. I am extremely aware of my mind and see myself lying on the bed. At times I can fly and move around. I have seen places that look like paradise. This experiences was not scary at all. I also have no recollection of meeting anyone else in this state. Can you explain to me what happens please.
I want to add that It happens totally unexpected.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 Dear Mrs. Dee:
No, I really cannot offer a definitive diagnosis. That would take a LOT more information.
It is most likely that these are dreams and not out-of-body experiences.
I would suggest that you pray a prayer that asks God to stop this and all experiences that are not of the Holy Spirit. There is a bedtime prayer of protection in the Spiritual Warfare Prayer collection linked on the SW Q & A Index page. You may want to pray that also.
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