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Background on a certen demon QUESTION from Dennis J. Moran May 20, 2000 I haerd of a Demon Named Mormoan(think that is how it is spelled). and I was curious about what Mormoan actually did and was.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on June 13, 2000 Dear Mr. Moran:
Demons often use names that are indicators of their function or job. Such as the Demon of Hate may call himself Hatred.
If a demon's name is not indicative of some attribute such as hatred, envy, then it may be possible to guess at its function through the effects that this demon causes. For example, if the presence of this demon causes people to be all of a sudden bitter, then maybe it is a demon of bitterness. But without a functionally descriptive name or an obviously discernable effect that one can label, it is not possible to know what that demon's job is unless you ask it. DO NOT ASK IT! That is NOT YOUR JOB.
Even if we know the names and function of demons, we cannot catalog them like a personnel file. A demon may have many functions, may change function, or may lie about his function.
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