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prayers against spiritual warfare QUESTION from Marilyn May 17, 2000 Dear John Paul
I am in need of prayers to avert a Spiritual Warfare that is happening at the moment. It involves my two daughters who are undergoing some trouble. It involves their grandmother whom they have tried to help and look after and a grandfather who is blocking them at every turn. My daughter went to see her grandmother yesterday and found her unresponsive, dehydrated, and with numerous bed sores. These grandparents had been living with my daughters and 3 weeks ago he took the grandmother and moved out. He is not capable of looking after her and the doctor's hands are tied because the did an assessment on the grandfather and found him capable to look after her!! My daughter's are very upset and now praying for this man's return back to his faith also. All He-- has broken loose and now my daughter is also suddenly having trouble at work too. She is trying to keep her head above water and do what she can and pray also. She needs much prayers. Suddenly things are not going well for me either, but then I am the one who gave her the spiritual warfare prayer to use and the advice to pray for his conversion!!
Help please Marilyn
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on June 13, 2000 Dear Mrs. Marilyn:
I am so sorry to hear of these troubles. We will certainly be in prayer for this situation.
As far as specific prayers, please check the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Collection that is link at the top of the index page. There should be some prayers that you can adapt to your situation.
If you need help adapting some of those prayers, you can contact me my email and I will write the prayer for you.
As far as the grandfather is concerned, even if he has been found competent to take care of himself and his wife, that doesn't matter if the wife (the grandmother) is found dehydrated, with bed sores, etc. This is called elder abuse.
You should call Social Services. The next time you or anyone witnesses this dehydration and bed sores, the police should be called immediately. These symptoms your describe indicate to me that the grandmother's life is in danger.
We will be praying about this.
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