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by Catherine Frakas 10 Apr 2003

John-Paul's Warning QUESTION from Kevin March 26, 2000 As a regular visitor/poster at this site, you no doubt have my admiration and respect toward your work. I believe you are doing a great thing here and you have no doubt helped many people, myself included.
Having said that, I must inquire about the warning you give your visitors. On numerous posts, mine included, you have warned most vehemently to stay away from occult research and or practice. You seem to say that delving into such things puts oneself at great risk, and that sooner or later a demon or other evil entity will come your way. Now, I have taken that warning with a grain of salt, but I have need to know if there is some between-the-lines meaning there, or is that warning purely literal?
Do you give this warning because of the FACT that that very situation HAS HAPPENED in the past, or is it because of the POSSIBILITY that it COULD happen?
And lastly, I just wanted to assure you, in as much as we are on the same team in the spiritual war, that I DO NOT condone or practice the occult in any way. My research is purely innocent (as you put it in your last reply to me) and in many ways deals with how to combat these forces. Believe me when I say that I am one of the good guys, and only research these things so that when or if the need arises, I am somewhat prepared, and can identify who or what is causing such a negative situation. I like to think of my knowledge-seeking as a way of helping others should the need arise.
Sorry this was so lengthy, but thank you for your time (again). You are truly doing great work JP, keep it up.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 1, 2000 Dear Mr. Kevin:
I am glad that our forum has been of help to you and I appreciate your kinds words. It is work of God, and not of mine. All Praises to Him. AMDG
I must say Kevin that with each posting (and this will have to be the last posting along these lines) you have convinced me more and more that my discernment is correct and that you should not be delving into this research.
You DO NOT have to research the depths of this issue in order or combat it, and you do NOT need to know some of these details in preparation for dealing with situations, and to investigate this out of curiosity is foolish.
In essence, the details of this activity are on a need to know basis and you don't need to know. There are aspects of this subject that I would only discuss with a homicide detective working on an occult crime scene. There are other aspects of this that I would only discuss with a professional counselor who is dealing with a person who has be satanically ritually abused or is coming out of a satanic cult. Beyond those sorts of professional needs, others DON'T need to know.
In a way you are saying, in my opinion, that you want to know the details of brain surgery just in case you need it. Well, you will NEVER need it because you are NOT a brain surgeon and you should not attempt brain surgery under ANY circumstances. The same goes for this subject.
I realize that you may not understand this, but the more you protest your innocence on this, and the more you resist the notions of the warnings and the reasoning behind those warnings, the more you show yourself unqualified for this sort of research.
I know that is not what you want to hear, but that is my professional opinion as a spiritual warrior of some twenty years who has seen people come and go who wanted to research this area innocently. In fact, I have had to do deliverance work on some of those innocent researchers when they found themselves demonized.
As to your question on the nature of the warnings... My warnings are NOT academic, NOT theoretical, NOT speculative, and NOT just being cautious for the sake of some potential problem.
My warnings are based on five hard core facts:
1) the factual evidence of my personal experience in which I did what you are wanting to do and before it was over I was demonized and heading for hell. I almost lost my life, until God actually showed me a vision of my own hell that knocked me to my senses and brought me home to Him. That journey to hell was accomplished by my innocence research.
2) the clinical and field evidence gained personally from my experience as a professional deliverance counselor working with demonized people
3) the factual evidence gained from the personal experiences of MANY other people, who have lived to tell about it, in how they innocently found themselves in Satan's arms as a result of thier curiosity
4) the clinical and field experience of hundreds of deliverance counselors from all over the world that I have personally met and/or have read about from their accounts.
5) the Bible testimony itself that warns us about such things and suggests that we avoid this sort of thing ABSOLUTELY.
Based upon this overwhelming body of evidence and experience from numerous sources, the warnings are about what HAS happened to others, and what CAN happen to you if you don't watch it.
You say you have taken my warnings with a grain of salt. Well, son, you do that at your peril and if you continue to take these warnings with a grain of salt, then, yes, I will say it, you are a fool.
We will pray for you that you will be released from this spirit of curiosity and seek more appropriate and uplifting areas of spiritual endeavor.
Instead of being curious about the depths of hellish things, be curious about the heights of heavenly things. Study St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross and learn about the potential of the mystical marriage (that intimacy of God that comes with the highest forms of contemplative prayer). God may not have given you the gift of contemplative prayer, but with such studies you can experience what levels of contemplation are available to you and come to an intimacy with God that will knock your socks off.
That is far more interesting that any information on devils.
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