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Demonism QUESTION from Kalum Wallace March 27, 2000 I noticed that apparently most of the people who aledgedly have expierienced Demonic encounters Have committed a sin or sins but would it not make more sense that a demon would attack a true pure christian rather than a sinner?
also Do you truly believe in demons?
How do you know if you have encountered one?
I would also like to know what a demons natural appearance is?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 2, 2000 Dear Mr. Wallace:
Your observations are incorrect. Most people who have experienced demonic encounters are devout Christians.
The devil is most likely to bother you when you are making a major step in spiritual growth for God, or are doing some significant work for God.
I am attacked daily as a result of the ministry I do through this website. It has nothing to do with any sin I committed, it has to do with the devil not liking the work that I do.
I would suggest that you read the story about Padre Pio. This was a great and holy man of God was was attacked viciously by demons all the time. He was attacked because of the great work that he did for God.
People who have bondages to demons get those bondages through sin -- either their own or others.
Demons may attack a devout Christian for doing good and holy works. When he makes that attack the devil hopes two things: 1) that the good work will be destroyed; and 2) that he might get the devout person to trip and commit sin. THEN if might be possible for the person to gain a bondage that in some cases requires a third party to assist in getting rid of.
Demonic encounters are usually to the pure Christian as you labeled it. Bondages and oppressions are the result IF the Christian falls in to sin
You ask: Do you truly believe in demons?
Yes, The existence of demons is taught in the Bible, taught by Jesus personally, it is a doctrine of the Catholic Church in which one MUST believe, and it is an obvious reality.
In addition, I have had direct encounters with demons--including visual manifestations.
You ask: How do you know if you have encountered one?
Well unless the demon is to perform some dramatic manifestation it is not necessarily easy to tell.
It sort of like the wind. You know the wind is blowing not because you can see the wind, because you can't, but you can see the EFFECTS of the wind in the rustling of the leaves on the tree. Thus you know the wind is there by the EFFECTS.
You ask: I would also like to know what a demons natural appearance is?
Demons are pure spirits. Thus they have no material appearance in the ordinary sense of the word. To us they are invisible. If they do appear in a visual manifestation, they can appear in any form that will suit their purpose. If that is to appear like the stereotype monster with a red tail, they will accommodate your expectation if it suits their purpose. If is appearance under the disguise of an angel of light to try to trick you in thinking they are an angel of God, they can do that too, the Bible tells us. Thus the answer is that they can appear in any number of ways that will suit their agenda at the time. However, it should be noted that such visual manifestations are very rare.
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