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Follow up to my question on Demons QUESTION from Kevin February 21, 2000 Thank you for answering my previous question. It has helped alot. However, what I meant by having no time or patience to rely on God was just my complex way of stating a sense of panic. In my experience, when someone is confronted by an evil presence, panic ensues. In other words, one may not think clearly enough at that moment to call on God. (I do however, trust and love my God, and know that he protects me from such situations)
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 23, 2000 Dear Mr. Kevin:
From my experience it is rare that someone is in such panic that they can say nothing. Most people are abel to squeak out at least a small prayer, if nothing more than In Jesus Name, be gone.
This is particularly the case with anyone who even remotely is maturing in the faith, but even to babes in the faith, my experience is different that yours.
For those who are in such panic as to not be able to do anything, God will protect them. The demons can do nothing without God's permission anyway.
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