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by Catherine Frakas 10 May 2003

Good & Evill QUESTION from Angel February 17, 2000 Hello, my name is angel.
I have read the question from rain wolf(?)and i have a few veiws my self. #1 Yes I feel he is right in some of the things he said, but i also think he could have found a better way to convey his message.
I do beleive in god & jesus so when i say what i say please dont think i am atacking anybody.
I also believe in other things such as witchcraft and i beleive it can be good or evill depending on the person using it, there is both good and evill people out there.
all i have to say is I think people should be open to all believes and not condemn anybody for them, no matter if it be cotholic or wiccan, they both say to love eachother and never hate, so with that i say i love you all no matter what you beleive in. sighned, Angel
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 22, 2000 Dear Mr. Angel:
You expressed a worldview that is typical for New Agers, witches, pagans, occultist and many others.
Your stated: all i have to say is I think people should be open to all believes and not condemn anybody for them.
Very well said, sir. That is a perfect expression of the worldview from which you come.
Now let us example this worldview to see if it really is good or to see if it is evil.
be open to all beliefs and not condemn anyone for them
Susan Atkins had that worldview. You may not know who she is.
Susan Atkins was one of the Charlie Mason Mass murderers. She killed Sharon Tate and her unborn baby and drank Tate's blood. She was called the Vampira during the trial.
In the penalty phase of the trial her lawyers tried to get her to express remorse in hopes of lessoning her sentence.
She was asked, Susan, don't you feel any remorse or guilt for what you did.
Susan replied, Why should I feel guilty for doing what was right for me?
Are we to be open to that belief and not condemn her for it?
What about Hitler? He had a belief about the Jews. Are we to be open to his belief and not condemn him for it?
Maybe you would not go as far as Hitler or Susan Atkins, but why wouldn't you? What is preventing you? Your worldview, whether you like it or not is open to the beliefs of Atkins and Hilter.
There is nothing within your worldview to stop you from going that far except your own personal opinion -- doing what is right for you according to your opinion about what is right for you.
Since I presume that murder is not right for you, you don't do it. But for Susan, murder was right for her in her opinion. Murdering 6 million Jews and perhaps 6 million others was right for Hitler in his opinion. The WORLDVIEW allows for those opinions and only personal opinion can stop a person from being a murderer.
In the Christian worldview what Hitler did and Susan did are OBJECTIVELY wrong. It doesn't matter what anyone's opinion is, murder if wrong. period. We are to condemn murder because murder is OBJECTIVELY wrong. We don't have to rely upon personal opinions which can be quite deluded.
The Christian worldview does not allow for murder. If one follows the Christian worldview they will not murder period. They can never find justification for murder. Even the extremes of the faith cannot justify murder, because murder is wrong no matter what anyone thinks. It is objective sin. So is abortion, adultery, fornication, concubinage.
And so is witchcraft. God says so.
It doesn't matter what your opinion is or mine. Witchcraft is wrong, sinful, and harmful no matter what you think or I think.
Witchcraft is to be condemned because God condemns it.
That is the OBJECTIVE fact.
Now you might try to accuse the Catholic Church of murder in the Inquisition or something. Sorry, won't work. The penalty in the Church for heresy even then was excommunication, not death. If some individual priest killed heretics they SINNED.
That is the difference between our two worldviews. Wacko people in your worldview might kill; wackos in my worldview might kill. But in your worldview they are encouraged to not condemn anybodies belief and thus they can get caught up in some pretty bad beliefs.
In my worldview we are taught that some things are right and to be praised, and some things are wrong to be condemned. We believe in absolute truth. Thus there is no way that our worldview encourages the acceptance of just any worldview.
And when men who are in our worldview do murder, they are VIOLATING our worldview, they are sinning, and they their sin is condemned.
I do not want your worldview. Your worldview allows for Susan Atkins and Hitler even though most of your people are relatively good.
My worldview allows for Mother Teresa's and St. Maximillion Kolbe's though most people never reach their greatness. Nevertheless my worldview allows and encouages a good life with restraints against that which is bad. And when someone does do something bad, it is SEEN AS BAD and condemned as BAD.
If you are not a hypocrite, in your worldview you cannot condemn ANYONE or any idea. You must be accepting of all. You might not do what they do, but you must accept all that others do. That means you must accept Hitler and not condemn his beliefs.
I will condemn his beliefs and yours in witchcraft because the God of Truth says to.
We will pray for your deliverance.
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