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by Catherine Frakas 11 May 2003

Demons and Vampires QUESTION from Kevin February 16, 2000 I am a newcomer to the site and I must say, Im very impressed. You have no idea how long Ive been searching for a site like this!!! Here are my questions: (sorry that they are somewhat lenghty)
1. As a catholic, I believe in my heart of hearts that demons exist. I think it blasphemy to say that there are no such things as demons. (where there is good, there is evil). My question here is, do demons target specific groups or types of people to attack or can demons attack anyone? Also, when attacked or confronted, one may not always have the time or patience to rely on God for help. If this is the case, how do we fight them ?
2. There are many things that go unexplained in this world. One of them, as far as my research goes, is the subject of vampries. In not talking the seductive type from the movies, or those claiming to be real and appearing on talk shows, but Im referring to ACTUAL vampries. Is it possible for a demon to posess ones soul SO BADLY that there is no more self-identity for the posessed? One of my theories of vampirism is demonic posession, but can this be confirmed at all? If vampires do not exist today, then did they at one time ?
Thanks for your help
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 21, 2000 Dear Mr. Kevin:
Thank you for your words. I am glad you like our site. I hope that it will be a blessing to you.
The answer to your first question is yes. Demons can attack, by God permissive or specific will, any group or person. The type of groups or people that can be targeted are those who are about to make major spiritual decisions for God, make a major step in maturity spiritually, or in any way make moves to be closer to God. People and groups can also be targeted when they do something that threatens the demonic world – such as evangelism, exposing the New Age and the Occult, or other works of the apostolate.
As far as the idea of not having the time or patience for God’s help, I would say that such arrogance means that the devil already has you.
Or to put it another way, if you haven’t time for God’s help, then you are toast! You cannot fight them without God.
Vampires do not exist in the form that we think of Vampires. There are psychiatric conditions where people think they are vampires and will even act like it. But there are no living dead.
It has been awhile since I researched this, but various things such as people who were buried alive coming out of their graves likely fueled some legends of Vampires. It was common in the Middle Ages to bury people in shallow graves. At times, medical conditions were such that a person might appear dead when they really were not. They would be buried, wake up in the grave, go insane perhaps, and dig their way out of the graves.
There is also the zombie phenomenon among Voodoo practitioners. A chemical agent used by the Voodoo witch doctor against a person, however, causes this state. The person appears to die, they are buried, and then dug up by the witch doctor.
As for demonic possession, it is certainly possible that in the vulnerable emotional place a person would be in when buried alive that such vulnerability may not only create psychiatric break, but also open the door for demonic infestation. I say this is possible; not saying it is a certain thing.
Possession is a misnomer really. One is never possessed completely. It is only certain aspects of a person that come under possession, and in the worse cases that can include bodily control. But the person god create is still in there somewhere no matter how serious the demonic infestation.
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