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Imprecatory Commands QUESTION from Jeff October 20, 1998 Having just read your letter which explains the dangers of imprecatory commands, I recalled that I have used such in the past. Being a Catholic who recognizes the teachaing authority of the Church, I will avoid this in the future, but I now wonder if there is currently any danger to me or my family; if I have somehow made myself vulnerable to attack. If so, is there anything I can do about it? On a tangent (perhaps a rather radical tangent) any specifics for how to pray a hedge? I have some concerns about a family member. Thanks. ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on October 21, 1998
Dear Jeff:
No, there is nothing to be worried about. The prayers you used that included imprecatory commends were most likely the typical spiritual warfare prayers that have been used for a long time and even encouraged.
Before 1984 there was nothing wrong with using such prayers. But the Church, in her wisdom decided in 1984 that it would be best, and safer, for imprecatory commands NOT to be used outside of a formal exorcism.
As such, saying these prayers without knowledge of the Church's new regulation, does not place you in danger. God would honor the prayers because they were indeed said in ignorance.
God is such a wonderful God. We have no idea how merciful God is in his patience and dispensation due to our ignorance of things.
Anyway, now that you know that imprecatory commands are prohibited, you are under obligation, under pain of the sin of rebellion, to obey that, which as a good Catholic you are doing.
Thus no fear for past use. By the way, I used imprecatory commands too before I discovered this legistlation in 1995.
As to the hedge prayer, I will be posting some examples of prayers like that soon, but as a quick example:
Lord, we ask that you place a hedge around Mary that no matter what direction she goes away from you and from me she will not find satisfaction but will find a wall in her way. Keep this hedge about her Lord, until she comes home to you and to me, for the sake of her soul. Amen. God Bless.
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