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sex QUESTION from Patrick December 18, 2000 Today I was hit by quite a few questions from my family regarding sex. They thought I was being to conservative in my view that a sexual relationship, should 1) be in a loving supportive covenant called marriage (which they agreed with) but that 2) and sexual relationship should be open to the possibility of procreation (this is where the problem began). First a clarification, was i correct in this second idea?
Now my questions:
4)couples who use condoms or birth control realize that there is a possibility of getting pregnant, even if it is very small, how does that differ from NFP, which also (if done correctly) has a very small possibility of failure?
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on Monday, December 18, 2000 Dear Patrick,
Yes you are correct regarding the relationship being open to procreation. I've chosen not to answer the first three of your other four questions because I don't think they are not appropriate for this public forum. I'll try to answer you via e-mail. You could also speak with a good priest or Catholic moral theologian about them.
In answer to your fourth question, artificial birth control sets up a barrier between husband and wife. In essence one is saying, I love you, I want to have sex with you, but I don't want to commit to having a child with you. NFP involves both partners and is totally open to the possibility of pregnancy. Furthermore, the pill, Norplant, IUDs and morning after pills all work as abortifacients. They don't prevent a pregnancy, rather they abort a pregnancy in the earliest term by preventing the zygote from implanting in the uterus.
John Miskell
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