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Eucharistic Prayer II on Sunday QUESTION from A. Basto on May 5, 2002 Can the Eucharistic Prayer II be used during Sunday Mass? My understanding was that it could only be used on weekdays.
Perhaps the rule changed with the new GIRM, but I believe that, before today, I have never witnessed the Eucharistic Prayer II being used on Sundays.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on May 11, 2002 Dear Mr. Basto,
Here is the text from the General Instruction:

The choice of the Eucharistic prayer, which is found in the Order of Mass, is suitably guided by the following norms:
Then for Eucharistic Prayer II is says:

b) Eucharistic Prayer II has features that make it particularly suitable for weekdays and special circumstances.(n.365, and n.322 in the previous instruction)
The old instruction used language that was not as strict: it said that the choice may be guided instead of is suitably guided.
So although it is not explicitly stated that Eucharistic Prayer II can never be used on Sundays, there is an obvious preference that it be reserved for weekdays.
Mr. Slavek
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