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morality of surgical procedure QUESTION from Yvonne Gusdal October 12, 1999 One of my daughters has been recommended to have a thermoablation procedure done on her diseased uterus. She has been told by both priests and Catholic medical practioners that the hysterectomy would be acceptable due to her serious problem with polycystic fibrosis, bleeding etc.; however, a hysterectomy with her health problems which include obesity would be life-threatening. She has been infertile for many years. Is this procedure permissable in these circumstances?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on October 14, 1999 Dear Mrs. Gusdal:
From what you are describing it appears to me that the decision is a medical and a personal one. Whatever is medically indicated and whatever your daughter's personal choice is concerning how she wants to handle her medical problem.
I don't see where a moral issue is present here other than the general moral obligation we all have to take care of our medical needs as we are able and have facilities to do so. The hysterectomy would be for medical reasons not contraceptive reasons, so there is no problem there.
So, as far as I know, this issue is one to be decided on the medical and personal needs.
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