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Responsory QUESTION from Phillip Thomas August 5, 2001 Dear Brother John-Paul,
During individual recitation of the Office, is the responsory an optional part thereof? Since that part is designed to be celebrated in common, it seems illogical to include it in individual recitation.
I have, however, been praying it thus: I say the first part,for example: We give thanks to you, O God, as we call upon your name. Instead of repeating it as indicated, I simply say the second portion, i.e. We cry aloud how marvelous you are. Then I say the Gloria Patris with repetition of We give thanks to you, O God, as we call upon your name.
Since the responsory is an integral part of the Office, I do not wish to skip it. Is it alright to pray it as I have indicated above? Thank you for your attention and God bless.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 7, 2001 Dear Mr. Thomas:
The Responsorial is required even in private recitation, but No. 171 of the General Instructions state the when the Office is said in private and not sung, the part that is usually repeated may be omitted unless the meaning of the Responsorial requires it.
You doing it right, that is, it is your option to do it this way. I usually sing the Office even when in private so I repeat the response.
God Bless
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