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by Catherine Frakas 12 Apr 2002

Church website QUESTION from Rita Molloy September 23, 1999 The pastor at a church that we used to attend has Call to Action on the church's website as a Catholic link. I had emailed him and said that I thought it was not right to have this as a Catholic link because they are not in union with the pope and are constantly causing disention within the church. He responded by saying that within the Church there is a pluralism of views, opinions and approaches to a relationship with God. The Call to Action is one of these approaches. While you may not agree with it, nor like what it stands for, it does not deny the faith, nor does it deny the role of the Pope, nor the Church's dogmatic teachings. Can you assist in responding or should I just pray for him? Thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on October 6, 1999 Dear Mrs. Molloy:
Call to Action is an evil and anti-Catholic organization whose purpose is to destabilize the Catholic Church and renake her in their image.
Call to Action calls for women priests, the abolishment of the celibate priethood, and for sexual freedom.
The issues of women priests and sexual freedom places them technically just one small step short of being heretics. Anyone holding believes that they hold are outside the communion of the Church.
Call to Action members in the Lincoln Diocese have been excommunicated -- which is appropriate.
Following are some excerpts and paraphrases from CALL TO ACTION, CALL TO INSANITY by Carol Lloyd
Robert McClory, Call to Action board member, journalist and teacher at Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, spoke on 'The Right Wing Movement in Catholicism at a Call to Action Conference.
He said that The right [right refers to loyal Catholics] is a variation or really an expression of fundamentalism - a movement or tendency stressing strict, literal adhering to a set of basic principles or to some rock-like person or foundational information upon which one can base one's life or upon which one can have a sense of certainty.
He continued saying a Catholic fundamentalist lean(s) exclusively and absolutely on the authority of one person, say the Pope, the Vicar of Christ (and) the teaching authority of the Church, as an absolute.
McClory finds the right so sincere . . . [but] there is a temptation to make fun of them although he's not so amused anymore because of many changes within the last year. The right is winning . . . feeling triumphant.
Some of the changes that McClory was worried about and gave as examples of Loyal Catholic winning the battkle were:
the issuance of by the Holy Father; the Church's support of ecumenical groups opposed to abortion
The Church's postiion on homosexuality
the Pope's statement that women cannot be ordained;
release of the Catholic Catechism;
the rejection of the inclusive translation of the N.R.S.V. Bible, and
the Vatican-ordered investigation of New Ways Ministry.

McClory defined fascism as an organization or regime that exalts monolithic, absolutist doctrine that is overseen by a centralized, very tight, autocratic government which is headed by a dictatorial leader which imposes severe social and intellectual regimentation and forcibly suppresses all opposition. He said this is the direction the Church is moving.
Call to Action is as hateful to the Catholic Church as Hitler was to the Jews.
Call to Action is an organization invented in hell.
We need to pray hard that those poor deluded souls who are part of this evil organization will be delivered from their demonic bondage.
Any priest supporting Call to Action is risking losing his communion with the Catholic Church. Such a priest should be sternly disciplined by his Bishop.
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