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Presider or Priest? QUESTION from Roberta Foster August 30, 1999 In another Parish nearby, my cousin heard when the priest give sermons he mentions Presider many times, she figured out what he meant was instead using priest he used Presider. Now what was that all about? It also happened in the University Chapel this other priest also mention Presider in place of priest. What exactly is going on? Is this another of the liberals (very, very liberals)attack against Rome? Satan never sleeps!!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on September 4, 1999 Dear Miss Foster:
Well, actually, it is both as I understand it.
We can look at is as the priest wearing a couple of hats during the Celebration of the Mass.
He is priest, celebrant, preacher, and presider.
He is priest with the power to consecrate the Sacrament and to stand in place of Christ; he is the celebrant, the one making or performing the celebration; he is preacher, preaching the Word of God to the people; and he is Presider, presiding over the celebration, the president or chairman of the meeting.
Some people may use the term presider too much. It is possible that some do this to de-emphsize the priestly ministry. If this is the case, such a motivation would be wrong. But we cannot presume what another's motivation is unless they tell us.
Presider is one of the functions of a priest during Mass.
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