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Divine Office Forum: The Lord's Prayer

by Catherine Frakas 17 Apr 2002

The Lord's Prayer QUESTION from Jeffrey March 24, 2001 Dear Brother Ignatius:
I have read many of your replies and I am taken by your skillful, talented and annimated responses. I am an Anglican and I am in an unending battle within my own church for the constant state of change assumed therin. They have virtualy raised fads and trends to sacremental levels. One of the more egregious examples has been the change in the wording of the lord's Paryer. Formerly, the passage in question read, ..lead us not into temptaion but deliever us from evil. The most recent adaptation, removes the distasteful temptation reference and replaces it with save us in time of trail. The syncophants in the episcopate say that they now understand that God would not lead us into temptation! I say, life IS temptation. What do you and the RC Church make of these changes,...or have you gone downthe same road? I've just about had all I can handle with the self-destructive behavior of my traditional family church. Any suggestions?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 11, 2001 Dear Mr. Jeffrey:
Thank you for writing and your kind words. I try my best.
I share your distaste for this nonsense changing of the Lord's Prayer.
Like most liberal nonsense, it is silly and doesn't make sense. If we were to assert that God does not lead us into Temptation according to their idea of this, then why are they saying that God will lead us into trial? Is this not much the same thing? Maybe it is just me, but that seems like six and half-dozen of the other.
But, your episcopate authorities are misinterpreting the passage to begin with. This is the Great Advantage of the Catholic Church. We have a Supreme Court, as it were, to is authorized by God to official interpret and to settle disputes.
The meaning of And lead us not into temptation is best defined by the St. Pius V Catechism IV, 15, 14:
We are not to ask to be totally exempt from temptation, for human life is one continuous temptation (cf. Job 7:1). What, then, do we pray for in this petition? we pray that the divine assistance may not forsake us, lest having been deceived, or worsted, we should yield to temptation; and that the grace of God may be at hand to succour us when our strength fails, to refresh and invigorate us in our trials. In other words this petition is asking God to be with us in our temptations and help us to resist them. Why? You said it. Pope Pius said it. Job said it. Live is temptation. So Lord help me in my temptation.
You ask Any suggestions? :-)
Yes, convert to the Catholic Church. Come home to the Church that Jesus founded. Although there are many rebellious, problematic and even dingbats in the Church, even among the episcopate and presbytery, the official teachings of the Church remain solid and unmoved by these fads and silliness.
I invite you to check is out.
God Bless.
Bro. Ignatius
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