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Masturbation and Gay QUESTION from Jackson July 16, 1999 I'm a young adult, confused about my sexuality and masturbates a lot. I know accessing pornography is a mortal sin but if I truly repent, will I still be subject to eternal punishment?
As far as i know, homosexuality is sexual attraction with same sex. But what if you have a deep emotional attachment with another guy which results in love but not that a sin, too? Thanks
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on July 21, 1999 Dear Mr. Jackson: Thanks for your questions.
No one is subject to eternal punishment if they die in a state of grace. To die in a state of grace all mortal sins must be confessed. If you are truly repentant, then seek out the Sacrament of Confession if Catholic, or if not Catholic, pray to God asking for His forgiveness and place yourself under His mercy.
As to the homosexuality, the Church teaches that homosexuality is inherently disordered. But homosexuality is a sin ONLY if the homosexual has sex outside of legitimate marriage (marriage with someone of the opposite sex).
Homosexuals are thus called to live a life of total chastity.
Love is not a sin. We can and should love all people in a general sense, and we may have a special love toward specific individuals.
A romantic love, however, should be reserved toward someone of the opposite sex with whom one may consider for marriage. To have a romantic love with someone you cannot marry, while not necessarily sinful in itself, is very dangerous. It is placing yourself in the near occasion of sin, that is, in a near occasion of possibly sinning sexually in body or in thought. The temptation would be great.
A sexual love, of course, can never be legit outside of marriage.
But one can have a deep and abiding love of another person that is platonic. There is nothing wrong with that at all.
God Bless.
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