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Office of Readings Lectionary QUESTION from Don Harris November 8, 2000 The General Instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours refers to an optional two-cycle of Scripture Readings for use at the Office of Readings. Can you tell me if this two-year lectionary has been published yet, if only in Latin? If not, are you aware of any plans to publish this at any time in the future?
A related question:
At the present time, I'm aware only of documents giving the Scriptural citations (not the text of the readings) for the LH two-year lectionary. If one chooses to use the two-year cycle of readings at the Office of Readings, (using an edition of the Bible approved for liturgical use), should the responsory be taken from the one-year lectionary included in the Liturgy of the Hours? On weekdays in Ordinary Time, may other responsories be used, e.g., from the former Roman Breviary?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 22, 2001 Dear Mr Harris:
The two-cycle Readings is contained in a Supplement. You can order this supplement at the following link (ordering from this link will give our Order a referral fee).
On your second question, the supplement contains the full text of the Readings. There are two readings in the Office, the first is a Biblical reading, and the second a reading from the saints, or doctors, or fathers of the Church.
I haven't use the supplement but do have it on order. I presume the supplement contains only the readings according to the two-cycle method. This you will still use the regular breviary for all of the Office of Readings except for the Reading themselves in which you would switch to the supplement.
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