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Where is Evangelism? QUESTION from Sean Cahill June 16, 1999 Sorry to ask such a wide question, but as a Roman Catholic at Westmister College,Oxford I have found myself immersed in a wider Christian community, which has been fruitful and problematic for me. The many fruits i will not bore you with, however the problem I have is that many members of our College Christian Union(which is Evangelical)have worked overseas with many (Evangelical) Christian missionary movements. My question is this, Are their Roman Catholic movements of a similer nature open to the laity, for it seems to me (though I hope you can prove me wrong)that the R.C.'s are good at exporting priests brothers and nuns (The former being essential for the Sacraments and their administration)but not as good at exporting young people to galvanise them in the same way that I have seen my fellow Christians of the protestant Churches doing. If you Could you give me information on this or any answer I'd be grateful.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on June 17, 1999 Dear Mr. Cahill:
Thanks for your question.
There are many missionary and volunteer opportunities for youth and old alike in the Catholic Church. In fact there are TONS of programs.
I would suggest that you contact the Vocations Director at your diocese. He should have some directories and other information on Volunteer Agencies.
Also, check out the Catholic Internet Directory section on Volunteer Agencies. The URL is:
God Bless.
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