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Liberalism in the Amarillo Diocease, Lack of Tridentine Masses, and The Proliferation of Youth MassesLiberalism in the Amarillo Diocease, Lack of Tridentine Masses, and The Proliferation of Youth Masses QUESTION from Gregory Thompson on January 8, 2003 God Bless and Hello.
I live in a diocease where there seems to be alot of misconstrued concepts of divinity. In the Amarillo Diocease there are no traditional Tridentine Masses in any parish I have a knowledge of, and it disturbs me that there are not any of that particular Mass present. What is present in my diocease is the youth masses. Another thing that disturbs me is the fact that my bishop was a bishop that voted against the bishops resolution on the sex scandal in the council of bishops. I want the tradition and LAW of the church to be enforced in my diocease. What good is law if it can't be enforced... What can I do as a laity, 19 year old college student? (This was said just in case anyone thinks I'm some old fart being all stubborn about the old ways, and in which I did participate in youth mass when I was younger and it didn't make me feel any better about being Catholic because it lacked the fruits I sought. I just thought I'd let ya know.)
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on January 13, 2003 Dear Mr. Thompson,
It was good to read your letter, yes there are many young catholics everywhere who are sick of liturgical innovations and want true Liturgy. In my experience I have seen that in places where the traditional Mass is offered it is full of young men and women, both alone and as parents with children. In my home diocese there are two Sunday Masses, I occasionally attend the second which is always standing room only or close.
Remember though that bishops are not required to offer the traditional Mass at all, in fact the Mass is prohibited except by special indult. (from the bishop). So, the bishop needs to be convinced that it is wanted in your diocese, and the proper way to do this is formally by letter addressed from a group of people including a priest expressing interest and seeking permission. If he decides to grant it, regular expressions of gratitude are appropriate.
For the youth Masses.. I graduated from college last spring and my college didn't have regular youth Masses but Sunday Mass was not really reverent at all, liturgical law was broken nearly always to make Mass more welcoming and more politically correct. Unfortunately all I could think of to do was put up with it since this Mass was better than no Mass at all. Voicing complaints seems to do little, but I suppose it's worth a try.
If you are unable to attend a reverently celebrated Mass I have found it key to make up for it somehow by working on your own personal holiness a little more. Do something that lay people normally do not do, such as learn the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) Rome encourages the laity to do this anyway, and it should make you feel good about being Catholic.
Let me know if I can help again.
Mr. Slavek
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