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Baltimore Catechism QUESTION from Kim May 19, 1999 While I have (and have actually read) the new CCC, I still use the Baltimore Catechism frequently, especially in giving concise answers to my children or those generally interested in the Faith. I tend to use the new CCC for more in-depth explanations and insights. Is this okay?
Thanks and may God continue to bless this ministry.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on May 23, 1999 Dear Miss Kim:
Certainly. The Baltimore Catechism is a fine document and worthy of continued usage, particularly for children.
The new catechism is great for learning more in depth -- particularly if you also get the Companion. The new catechism also talks about issues that have come up in recent years that were not specifically discussed in the older catechism, and that is nice to have the Church's specific take on contemporary issues.
Yes, it is okay. Not a problem at all. The Baltimore Catechism is a basic outline of the faith, and a great one.
God Bless.
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