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Dominicans and Liturgical Vestments QUESTION from Ken Dilks on November 16, 2002 I know that the Dominicans (OP) at one time celebrated the Mass with certain approved rituals. I don't think those are in force today. However, I travel and often attend churches where Dominicans are either in charge of the local parish or are serving as weekend assistants. In either case, the Dominicans I have seen in recent years do not where Albs, vesting with the Stole and Chasuble over their Habits. Is that permissable or is it a privelege to them? I understand the logic that the Dominican Habit is white, but it is also regular clothing (if you're a Dominican) and the Alb, I think, is more important than that. My attention to this came about ten years ago when a Dominican celebrant stood up and moved away from the Presider's Chair and ripped his rosary. It struck me as being a strange custom.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on November 23, 2002 Dear Mr. Dilks,
Dominicans would be bound by their own rules, if they still exist that is, which would be approved for their own use by Rome. My suspicion is that they are not allowed to substitute their habit for an alb, but I may be mistaken.
I suggest that the next time you attend church, you find a Dominican afterwards and ask them to talk about their vestments, I'm sure that they would be quite excited to share their own customs. During the conversation you could inquire of their liturgical rules, find out if they still are in force.
If you do indeed do these things, please write back and share with us what you have found.
Mr. Slavek.
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