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Catholics view on Mormons QUESTION from Sarah Thomas on February 10, 2003 I was wondering what the official Catholic teaching is pertaining to Mormons and why they are not considered Christians. I know that they feel that they are. In other words, what constitutes a Christian according to the Catholic faith and why Mormons don't fit into this category.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 16, 2003 Dear Mrs. Thomas:
The Church teaches that for anyone or any group to be considered a valid Christian they MUST believe in certain doctrines as a minimum, and MUST be validly baptized.
The minimum requirement in belief to be considered a Christian is found in the Apostle's Creed. All legitimate Christians and Christian groups believe that much.
Valid baptism is being baptized with water (pouring or immersion) with the invocation of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and with the intention of the Church as it pertains to baptism.
One group that thinks of itself as Christian baptizes with rose pedals. This is invalid and thus that group is not Christian.
There are also some groups that consider themselves Christian who baptize in the name of Jesus and do not use the Trinitarian formula. They too are not Christian.
One MUST believe in the Trinity to be Christian.
Mormons use terminology that sounds Christian, but they are not. They do not believe in the Trinity even though they may use that word.
They believe Jesus is NOT God, but an enlightened person who becomes god as all persons might do. They believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers, for pete sake.
There is NOTHING of substance in Mormonism that is even remotely Christian. They pay lip service to Christian terminology and may on the service sound Christian. But as the old saying goes, Beauty is only skin deep. Dig under the skin or Mormonism and we find darkness and spiritual corruption and doctrines of demons.
Joseph Smith who alledgedly receive Another Testament of Jesus Christ from the Angel Moroni was either an outright con artist, mentally ill and delusional, or speaking to a demon. If the angel Moroni really came to him, Moroni was a demon. How do we know? Because what Moroni taught Smith was outright heresy and demonic notions that have no relationship to the Truth of Jesus Christ as handed down over the centuries from Jesus and the Apostles.
Do not let the veneer of Christianity that is found among Mormons to even begin to tempt you to believe Mormons are in fact Christian. They are, rather, a weird cult with some of the most bizzare beliefs imaginable ranging from Jesus and Satan being brothers to the wearing of sacred underwear to ward off evil.
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