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Spiritual Warfare Forum: "de-Reiki: Follow-up question(s)"

by Catherine Frakas 09 Feb 2001

de-Reiki: Follow-up question(s) QUESTION from Lorraine on April 27, 2002 Thanks for answering my other question. (I just tried to send this letter but don't know if it went through, so am re-sending.) I have another(s)question as a follow-up. I have prayed many times to have the reiki (and all other reiki type energy forms) removed. (In my stupidity I didn't know I shouldn't fool around with that stuff because it made it sound like it was a good thing. Within the last few months I have experienced otherwise!) I believe God can remove it, even though some say you can't, since He can do anything.
Here's my question: Maybe this has been addressed in your forum but since there are many topics listed I may have missed it. Can a general prayer be said for those that could have been possibly ill-affectected by working on them, not that they have but just in case? I have prayed a general prayer to God for them to protect them from all harm.
I have another question/comment, and I'm serious and don't want to make light of it. It may sound crazy but since you have a knowledge of such things maybe you can give me some guidance. It has affected me, even to the point of crying while praying. Prior to the reiki and all the other stuff, I started to feel things. I don't ever recall ever asking to feel things prior to all this. Another example, after my aunt died, I smelled roses as I was walking into my house. We didn't have roses. It was as though it was an angel saying she was with God and everything was ok. I suppose it could have been an angel but since my recent experiences I am at times in a state of confusion. (This experience happened years ago prior to my knowledge of energy stuff. I was happily ignorant then.)I've repeatedly asked God to remove all things that are NOT from Him.
I don't want anything that is NOT from God. If that's the case then I'm de-reikied and de-everything else, which is great and am so, so happy it's gone. I ask Him for protection and to help me along the way because Lord knows I can use it. I'm not sure what happened and is happening to me. All I can say is what I've said, I don't want anything that God has NOT given me and He knows what I need; I've asked him to permanently and completely remove whatever man made stuff was supposedly given to me and to never let it infect me again. I am trying so hard to do the right thing. Any words of comfort, encouragement, prayers to say, that may help guide me?
Another question: Is it safe to touch or pray to God for someone now that I'm de-reikied? Sometimes one just feels like saying, Oh God, please take care of that person. Know what I mean? I don't want to stop praying to God for someone(s) for fear that something else may happen. Maybe I'm being too thoughty but again, I'm trying to do the right thing.
Thanks for listening. Please continue to pray for my spiritual, emotional, physical, mental well-weing, and that if there is any man-made left-overs, to permanently and completely remove them as well.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 19, 2002 Dear Lorraine:
We are praying for you. It sounds like you are doing the right things.
As for your questions, yes you can pray general prayers or just-in-case prayers. I recommend it whenever you think it needed.
As for the Rose fragrance experience, that is rather common and was likely a blessing from God. Our Father wishes to comfort His children and perhaps this was one way to comfort you.
It is also very wise of you to pray to God to take away anything that is not of Him. When in doubt always pray such a prayer.
And for your last question, yes, you may always pray for others. God wants us to pray for others. Since you have experience with Reiki and such things you may be a powerful prayer warrior on that subject. You know the traps.
It appears to me that you are doing well and are making the right decision. Congratulations and praise God.
God loves you.

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