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Mother Theresa's prophecy QUESTION from Mike on January 22, 2003 Dear Bro,
In the course of preparing for an essay I am writing on the late Mother Theresa, I stumbled upon the website,, which contained a prophecy attributed to Mother Theresa. Just interested to learn what you think of it. Here it is:

Dear Miles: I have called this post the Prophesy Of Mother Theresa for the very reason that she NEVER was known to have a vision or apparition. It is this very fact that makes her ONLY KNOWN apparition so striking. She had it on her deathbed and it was revealed to her beloved sisters. The Church has never, to my knowledge, ever spoken of this. I can see why: It speaks in terms of SPECIFIC people, places, and dates. This specificity, and the fact that we are witnessing events rolling into place as I type this, makes me think this is authentic, the real McCoy as it were. Perhaps this is indeed Heaven's Blueprint that we might watch unfold. Tom S., New Jersey [Note from Miles: There is no verification of this prophesy, but that is not unexpected. Remember that LaSalette took decades to gain imprimatur. The Vatican did not release the Third Secret of Fatima for half a century, and it may not have been the real secret. Garabandal has never received Vatican approval. You don't have to believe it. Your choice. But I had a responsibility to put it up for people to examine on their own. There is nothing more I can add to this statement.] {rest of text deleted}

ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 27, 2003 Dear Mike:
I am familiar with the alleged prophecy of Mother Teresa. I had to delete most of your post because it appeared you were cutting and pasting and as a result the formatting was messed up.
Mr. Miles makes a fundamental mistake in logic. He tries to justify belief in this unknown and alledged prophecy of Mother Teresa be comparing it to LaSalette, Fatima, and elsewhere in which the Church did not immediately approve the visions or withheld the release of messages.
In those cases we KNEW that the messages existed.
We do not know if this prophecy of Mother Teresa even exists. It has all the hallmarks of a hoax and I consider it as a hoax.
Mr. Miles also appears to have a penchant for thinking the Vatican lies to the public (vis-a-vis, his remark about the Fatima Secret, it may not have been the real secret.)
Anyone who's faith is so lacking as to think the Vatican released a fake third secret needs to see a psychiatrist to get over what I call, conspiracy fetish.
Unless this prophecy attributed to Mother Teresa is confirmed by an OFFICIAL source from the Vatican, I would advise you to consider it a hoax.
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