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Doctrinal and canonical status of Anglican Orders QUESTION from Deacon Gerald Foley on November 3, 2001 Brother Ignatius: What is the doctrinal status of the orders in the Anglican Orders? Does the Church of England have validly ordained Bishops, priests, and deacons? Do these ministers have the power to consecrate at their Eucharists? Thank you for your response. If you can include the relevant Church Documents, I would appreciate it very much. God bless you in this minis
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 8, 2002 Dear Deacon:
The Anglican Church does NOT have valid Orders and thus their priest have no power of consecration. The Church Document on this is:
What some Anglican Priest have done is be ordained not only by an Anglican bishop (which may not be valid), but also be ordained by a valid bishop who is in schism. Although the valid schismatic bishop is ordaining the priest illegally, it is still valid.
Thus, some Anglican Priest may have valid orders through this illegal backdoor.
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