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Anullment QUESTION from Dana on January 15, 2003 I hope you can be of some assistance. My sister is planning to marry a non-catholic man who was previously married. His ex-wife was a protestant and they were never married in a church of any kind. Her priest recently informed her that her fiance would need to get an anullment in order for them to be married in a catholic ceremony. I am somewhat confused though, why would they need an anullment if neither one of them are catholic and were never married in church? Is there any way around this because their wedding date is less than a year away.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 23, 2003 Dear Dana:
Marriage is valid between two baptized persons regardless of whether they are Catholic or not. That being the case, unless the circumstances particular to the non-church protestant wedding affects it, an annulment is most likely needed.
I would double-check with the Marriage Tribunal of your Diocese Offices. They can tell you for sure.
And, I would do that immediately since an annulment can easily take 14 months or more.
God Bless.
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