Faith/Spirituality Forum: is an anullment necessary?

is an anullment necessary? QUESTION from Danielle on December 5, 2002 My boyfriend and I have started to discuss marriage. I am a baptized Roman Catholic who has no children and never been married. My boyfriend is a baptized Roman Catholic as well. He was married to a baptist woman in a baptist church, and the marriage produced 2 children. She filed for divorce against his will and against his attempt at marriage counseling. Their divorce has been final for over 3 years. Do we (or just my boyfriend) need to go through the anullment process?
Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 22, 2002 Dear Miss Danielle:
If you have never been married then there is nothing to be annuled. Your boyfriend, however, will most likely have to get an annulment, I think.
You will need to contact your parish priest with the details so the diocese can determine if an annulment is needed.
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