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Vestments QUESTION from Karen August 26, 2001
I am writing to firstly thank you for a previous answer to a question I sent. As my problem continues I realize more and more reasons for it happening, and my faith is helping alot.
Secondly, I have a question. I am in the process of sewing a vestment for a former Parish Priest who was recently transfered to a different parish. I found his sermons incredibly insightful for such a young Priest. (about my age):) I send him a bouquet of flowers every Thanksgiving to show my appreciation for his words. Now that he is no longer in our parish I wanted to do something for him as he begins as Head Priest of his own parish for the first time. This is where the vestment comes in.
I have searched the web for information on all aspects of vestments and don't seem to find alot on Catholic vestments. I realize that green is the color for ordinary time and this is the fabric I chose. I also found a drawing of St. Patrick's Cross which I intend to embroider on the front. (St. Pat's is his new church) All of a sudden I'm wondering if this is appropriate. Can a person give a Priest a gift such as this? Are there rules as to what I should be doing? Maybe you have another idea to show my appreciation. I thought this would (obviously) be something he could use and perhaps a new vestment of his own would be a reminder of how special his work as a Priest is. I would appreciate your take on this or any Priests out there who have thoughts one way or the other.
Thank you and God Bless, Karen
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 29, 2001 Dear Karen:
I am glad that my answer to your previous question was helpful. Praise God.
As to your current question: Giving, and especially making yourself, a vestment for a priest is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give a priest or deacon.
You can ask the priest to show you the vestments already in the Church to get an idea of size and pattern. I think there are also some nuns that have formal sewing patterns that one can get.
With the basic dimensions and the like known, you can design the vestment in many different ways. You do need to heed the colors of the season, but you can embroider anything on it that is appropriate. St. Patrick's Cross would be a wonderful thing to embroider on the vestment.
Here are some website that I found by using the keywords liturgical vestments. These sites will give you some ideas of what is possible in designing vestments:
This website shows many different styles:
On this webpage look especially at page 2 and 7:
This website specializes on embroidery:
This article gives information on Liturgical colors:
God bless.
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