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Luminous Mysteries - How to meditate on it? QUESTION from Aaron Lim on November 20, 2002 Dear Brother,
It has been quite sometime since I last read about the news where the Pope announced the new Luminous Mysteries to be added into the rosary during our Holy Father's recent anniversary of his pontificate.
At first when I heard it, I was a bit sceptical and suspicious of this new added devotion to a such an ancient devotion, such as the Holy Rosary. But after reading from his encyclical, I find it; that it would be an interesting experience to know more about these mysteries and would like to meditate on them.
Has anyone come out with the text for these new devotions? Is there any resource online for this? I know this is a little new, so, I'd like to open this question to all who happen to read this message as well, if you don't mind, Brother. Thanks.
May this new added devotion be cherished and help us to deepen our faith.
+ God bless + Aaron Lim
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 21, 2002 Dear Mr. Lim:
Yes, there are a couple of website that offer meditation help for the Luminous Mysteries.
Virtual Rosary will be including meditations in their Virtual Rosary program.
Also, the Rosary Center has meditations online right now.
Priests for Life has meditations for the Luminous Mysteries specific to the Pro-Life issue.
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