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Can I convert to Eastern Catholicism? QUESTION from David on September 30, 2002 Dear Sir
I hope this is the right forum to ask these questions if not oops sorry please pass it on
I am Not a Catholic but I do have a christian background, but not anglican or Lutheran but mostly low evangelical and Pentecostal.
When I was an Infant I was baptised in the Methodist Church, so I presume that Baptism was Valid by catholic Standards, as an Adult I was baptised by a (Anti-Catholic) Pentecostal denomination.
If I wish to convert to the catholic Church, What are the Laws concerning WHICH Rite/Church I can convert to.
Can I convert Directly to an Eastern (Rite) Catholic Church of My Choosing? OR Must I convert to the Western (Roman Rite) Catholic Church?
Do I have a Choice??
Does my baptism (either) mean I have to go into the Latin Rite Church? Do I have a Choice?
Can I be refused entry to an Eastern Catholic Church for ANY reason,eg- Nationality, ethnicity, religious background etc
Can an Orthodox Christian become Western Catholic Directly?
As mentioned I am a non Catholic. Are the Laws concerning HOW a Non-Catholic consistent across the rites OR is it left up to the personal opinions of the Priest or Bishop?
Thank you for reading this I look forward to your reply God bless I hope to hear from you soon
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 9, 2002 Dear David:
I praise God that you are interested in converted to the Catholic Church. I will pray for your conversion.
Since you are not Catholic, you can choose any Rite of the Catholic Church.
You need to understand, however, that the Eastern Catholic Rites are national and ethnic Churches. Unless you are of the same ethnic background as the Rite you join, you may feel out-of-place.
In any event, if you wish to convert, you will need to go to a local parish (of whichever Rite you choose) and talk to the priest there. He will inform you of the specifics of the conversion process.
It is critically important for Catholics to attend Mass at least each Sunday and to receive Confession regularly. Thus if there are no Eastern Rite Churches in your area, you will need to join the Latin Rite.
The Eastern Orthodox Church is not part of the Catholic Church and thus I cannot recommend you go in that direction. Jesus founded his Church upon Peter and we need to stay with Peter. The Eastern Orthodox abandoned the Chair of Peter almost 1000 years ago.
But the bottom line is that you can choose to join any of the Rites of the Catholic Church.
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