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RE: Abuses/Use of Extraordinary Ministers QUESTION from Vince Parise on September 2, 2002 Unfortunately, Brother John Paul, I must agree that the use of Extraordinary Ministers is, in most cases, abused. I attend Mass regularly, and on many occasions have attended Mass at different Parish Churches and at a Shrine. At my Parish Church I am pleased to say that we have Extraordinary Ministers who participate at each Mass on Sunday, but even with the four thousand families in the Parish the number of Extraordinary Ministers is reduced to the necessary number needed. You see Brother John Paul, we have, at our parish, our Pastor and three priests who, at every Mass on Sunday or days of obligation, who are present always to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion. The only exception to that rule, inforced by our Pastor, would be if one of our priest's is sick or on vacation.
The use of Extraordinary Ministers, whether you are present at a particular Mass or not, is not the question that should be addressed. What should be addressed is what the Church has instructed with regard to the use of, and restriction for, the use of Extraordinary Ministers. I need not remind you of what you already know and we need to understand that when there are priest's, especially when they are con-celebrating, that the use of Extraordinary Ministers while there are Priest's available, is an abuse with regard to Church teaching in order to satisfy the political aspect of an individual Church agenda.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 6, 2002 Dear Mr. Parise:
You are very blessed to be in a parish that respects the true purpose of the Extraordianry Ministers.
I have repeated the message about the abuses and the proper uses of Extraordinary Ministers until I am blue in the face.
Thanks for saying it again.
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