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Faith/Spirituality Forum: Arrogance

by Catherine Frakas 30 Jul 2001

Arrogance QUESTION from John February 25, 2001 I fear for your soul.You display high arrogance,better than others,and of a higher intellegebce than most apperance about yourself.I agree with 90% of what you say and tell people,but you have a terrible way of going about it. I ask you to pray for guidance and help on this issue.I have done so for myself on this issue and for you.Please dont be so closed minded about some things and so exclusive.I know some people are more subceptable to evil than others,but dont assume all are.Some are strong while others are weak.I am sure you have your sins to deal with as do I.Here you portay yourself as being without sin and all knowing on all issues.I know people are here for your advise,but rember what I am saying to you.Evaluate your behavior,maybe you have become a bit power hungry or power crazed? or just lost site of your purpose here in this forum.God Bless..
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 26, 2001 Dear Mr. John:
Thank you for your observations but I am confused.
Arrogance means to take on more than is due. Since I am a Q & A Forum Host, it is my job to post the correct answers. That is not taking on more than I ought, it is doing my job! I do not know much, however, but I know who to ask and where to find the answers. But if it helps, perhaps I can falter on the job and post some incorrect answers to help your perception of me. Well, maybe not... :-)
Now I KNOW you are wondering..... why is that secular song Garden Party playing in the background. Can this really be my answer to your question?
Well, when one seeks to serve God in bold, prophetic, and apostolic ways it attracts the attention of the enemy. Unfortunately the enemy can sneak his sulphurous thoughts into weak men who then inadvertently or not so inadvertently do the devil's bidding. St. Peter did this when he would not accept the idea of Jesus suffering and death to come. Jesus turned to him, recognizing the real source of the dissuasion and said, get thee behind me Satan (Matt: 16:22-23).
There are many who seek to discourage us. Some even openly try to destroy us. Satan has sifted even a few Church officials to sin against us with slander.
Even at the best moments, we find that the spirit of negativity always tries to intrude. We can't seem to please everyone. One person doesn't like the fact that we have some music written by Protestants on the Site and condemns us to hell, another doesn't like the fact that we don't have his pet subject covered in our library and calls us a rotten website, yet another bemoans that we are dictators and fascists because we don't allow open dissent in our chatrooms and dare to keep our chatrooms protected and safe from detractors, and still others say we have too many rules and it impedes their heresy, err. I mean, free thinking, and of course some don't like the truth that we preach and try to damage our reputation through innuendo and false aspersions or try to say we are not a real community (even though the Church says we are), and some say that I am so fat that I am going to hell.......
Well............ as the song says, You can't please everyone so you got to please... the Lord Jesus Christ
We seek to please God Almighty who has called us to this calling and ministry. With Him on our side, who cares who is against us.
So if there is something a person doesn't like about us, if one doesn't like the truth we preach, doesn't like our music, doesn't like our way of speaking, or one thinks I am too ugly, well, all I got to say is, May the peace of Christ be with you, cause we are going to try to please God in what we do regardless of what others think. Hopefully that will please you too -- all you people of good will who love God.
P.S. Since we are using the Garden Party as a theme song, we thought we would change the words of the Song to suit our situation. May Ricky Nelson forgive us. :
To hear specially written lyrics to the tune of Garden Party Click here. NOTE: You must have Real Audio.
We will pray for you John.
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