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natural disasters like eathquake, hurricanes, floods etc QUESTION from Lilia Bodino on July 9, 2002 Hello Bro. John-Paul:
What is the church teaching when thousands of people die of natural disasters like the recent devastating earthquake in India, the horrific floods in China, the tornados and lightning happening here in continental United States and so forth.
I always thought this was God's way of letting people know it is their time to go. But when my sister ask this question in a bitter fashion, I thought I would like to know also.
Many thanks. May God bless you in all your efforts of ministry.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 15, 2002 Dear Miss Bodino:
Disasters happen! Life happens!
Disasters are not God sapping sinners, nor the devil punishing saints.
Natural disasters are the result of the weather, tectonic forces, happenstance, LIFE.
There is no special significance one way or another in disasters.
Those who die in disasters are prayed for and commended to God. Their surviving families are prayed for and helped in any way that is needed. This is Christian charity.
I would recommend two books that deal with suffering (and disasters cause suffering):
1) Making Sense Out of Suffering, by Peter Kreeft = Click Here
2) Arise Out of Darkness:When Life Doesn't Make Sense, by Father Benedict Groeschel = Click Here
These books may answer the underlying cause of the bitterness of your sister -- a wondering about how God can allow pain and suffering.
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