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Am I Normal? QUESTION from Hansi Mormen December 8, 2000 First of all I love your forum, it helps me get through the weeks with your insightful answers.
I have really long hair, not typical of your average Christian. Unfortunately, many of my fellow colleagues, both at church, and at work, always make fun of me. There was this one incident at a church picnic where a bunch of clergy members, started throwing apples and other fruit at me, chanting get a haircut you freak!. Sorry about this foul language, but I did have to tone it down a bit.
Anyways, my question is this: Why has God cursed me with this plague? Why do alot of people constantly put me down? Is it not said in the Bible that everyone should be friends? I need your help on this! I have nowhere else to turn on this matter! I pray thrice daily about my life....and It never seems to work. Has God abandoned me? Would it help if I converted to Baptism? Thanks for your time, patience, and understanding.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 4, 2001 Dear Dr. Mormen:
Well, God has not sent you a plague or cursed you. It is your choice to have the long hair; God did not force you to have long hair.
People tend to be cruel about things that are unusual to them. You can do something to stop the put downs right now -- cut your hair!
If you do not want to cut your hair, if you think this issue is worth fighting over, then you will have to accept the fact that people will call you names and treat you badly. This is entirely in YOUR hands.
God answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it is no, sometimes it is maybe or later, sometimes God's answer is you got yourself into this, now live with it, or change
Having long hair is a trivial issue as far as I am concerned. It has nothing to do with the faith, or with truth or justice. It is merely a personal preference on your part. What you do with your hair is your business and no one should bother you about it. It is sinful of your friends to treat you badly about your hair.
But if the meanness of others bothers you too much, and you cannot live with the meanness, then cut the hair.
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