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Your Health QUESTION from Shirley on May 14, 2002 God Bless You and Peace in Jesus
Just wanted to write and ask if you are OK?
I think about you and pray for you and your apostolate and hope that you are still able to answer questions for us. I thank God that you are not afraid to speak the truth! You don't realize how much help I have received from this site. Even though some of the things are (very) difficult for me to hear, I still have a great respect for Priests, Sisters, Brothers, all who are willing to stand up and be counted for what is right and just.
Please let me know sometime when your biography will be ready.
Also, I wish that I could forward you some donations for your work but that's not possible right now.
I hope that you don't mind my using this forum but I have not seen any answers to questions since January and became quite worried that something had happened to you. I know, Padre Pio said Pray, don't worry - but I'm a Mother and a Grandmother and I do worry. I think that Jesus will understand.
Praying for you and all those with whom you work I remain your friend in Christ
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 20, 2002 Dear Shirley:
Thank you for your kind comments and especially for your prayers.
I am happy to hear that our website has been useful to you. That is the only reason to operate this website -- to glorify God by assisting the faithful in their walk with Christ.
My health is up and down. Unless the Lord decides to heal me someday, that is the way it will always be. I praise God for my illness as it is through this illness that I have come closer to Him. That is more important than health.
The best donation you can give is your prayers. Thanks.
God Bless.
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