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Rosary QUESTION from M. Sponer October 23, 2000 I have a rosary that belongs to my niece, it once belong to her great-grandmother. I have never seen one like it. At the beginning of it it has a small meadallion instead of a crucifix, it has a picture of the Blessed Mother with the words, Mother of grief pray for us, than on the back of it, it has a picture of our Savior on a cross with the words, He is dead for us follow by 3 beads to another meadallion again with a picture of our Blessed Mother with the same words above, but a different picture on back. Then it goes to 7 beads, there are 7 groups of 7 beads, making a total of 49 compare to 50 on a regular rosary. all with meadallions on them with pictures of His way to the cross. Do you know anything about this type of rosary? Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on December 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Sponer:
I have not seen one myself, I might be wrong, but I believe you are describing the Franciscan Rosary. It was the Franciscans that were given the devotion of the Stations of the Cross. The rosary you have sounds like a rosary of the stations of the Cross.
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