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SEEKING ANNULMENT QUESTION from B. Stone on April 27, 2002 How is one to discern whether one has valid grounds for the granting of an annulment. Can you state the grounds for the dissolution of the bond?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 18, 2002 Dear Mrs. Stone:
There are many various grounds for annulment. The most common in the United States is immaturity that impairs one or both parties from truly understanding the nature of a Sacramental Marriage.
Other reasons involve various impediments such as fraud, lack of proper consent, or some other defect in form, consent, and other requirements.
If you feel that your marriage is not sacramental you need to contact your priest and discuss that.
If you are already divorced, then talk to your priest about beginning the process of annulment.
The only ones who can actually determine whether your case warrants annulment is the Marriage Tribunal. We cannot second guess them.
But your parish priest, or other person appointed to be a case worker on annulment cases can give an opinion of whether they think your case is a good one or not.... but ONLY the Marriage Tribunal can make a determination.
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