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Faith QUESTION from Andrea Carmona October 7, 2000 I really have a trouble of faith. I heard comments about Dominus Iesus that says: The authority of the Church is very proud.
I ask as a catholic: Do we really possess the truth?
With your blessing and prayers, Andrea Carmona.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on December 17, 2000 Dear Miss Carmona:
If we don't possess the truth, we are in big trouble!!!!
Yes, the Catholic Church does possess the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We have the fullness of the faith -- which means that we believe in ALL that was taught by Jesus and the Apostles.
The fact that we are the TRUE CHURCH of Jesus and holder of the FULLNESS of the faith is proven by the fact of history and the fact of Biblical teaching.
We and we alone have maintained the teaching of God throughout the centuries. We and we alone are in communion with the Prime Minister that Jesus Himself appointed -- the Pope. We and we alone have kept the faith throughout the centuries without abandoning any of it.
People don't like Dominus Iesus because it tells the TRUTH that many people don't want to hear.
When people don't want to hear the truth they will accuse the truth-teller of arrogance or pride, which is actually the condition of the accuser. It is the accuser that is prideful. He is too proud in his personal opinions to admit that the Catholic Church is right. He is arrogant in asserting his opinions as true when he was no authority to do that.
The Catholic Church is neither proud nor arrogant. The Catholic Church submits to the the teachings of the Jesus and the Apostles -- even when the rest of the world abandons God. Pride refuses to submit. The Catholic Church ALWAYS submits to the teaching of Christ.
The Catholic Church is not arrogant because it HAS THE AUTHORITY given by God Himself to teach the faith. Arrogance means to give yourself an authority you do not have. The Catholic Church has been given the authority, thus it is cannot be arrogant in this way.
The Catholic Church is the TRUE Church because she passes the test of the FOUR MARKS OF THE TRUE CHURCH:
ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC No other Church on the planet can claim itself as passing the test of these four markers. Some might claim they do, but they have to proof to make the claim. Only the Catholic Church can make the claim and only the Catholic Church can PROVE this claim.
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