Faith/Spirituality Forum: John Cornwall and his Anti-Catholic-Papal Crusade

John Cornwall and his Anti-Catholic-Papal Crusade QUESTION from Deacon Gerald A. Foley on October 27, 2001 Dear Brother Ignatius: Are you able to provide some data on John Cornwell. He is still Pope-baiting after his horrendous attack on our beloved Pope Pius 12--Now he has recently published a book on our present Holy Father--again filled with Anti-Catholic polemics. Are you able to tell me anything about the credentials of this man. What feeds his passion to destroy the Catholic Church? What fuels his hate? I am grateful for any information you can provide. Some of my sensitive parishioners are very disturbed by a supporting book review in our local paper. Thank you. God bless your ministry!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 8, 2002 Dear Deacon:
Sorry, I don't know much of anything about him.
As to why he does this -- only God knows. But one thing is for sure -- the man is in Satan's pocket.
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