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Tabernacle Door QUESTION from Susan Feliciano August 27, 2001 Mr. Slavek,
Thank you for addressing my question regarding the Tabernacle Door. I think you have the idea right -- in that sometimes the Tabernacle is left open during the Communion with consecrated hosts inside, in a situation where the Tabernacle is very accessable and is even near an exit. I sit nearby during Mass and have, on occasion, slipped over quietly to close the door a bit. Though I would never want to offend anyone, I feel (as a Eucharistic Minister myself) that I need to protect the Eucharist in this case.
If you can add any insight to this, I'd be both interested and grateful. Thank you and may God bless you always!
Susan Feliciano+
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on September 2, 2001
Dear Mrs. Feliciano,
Yes, that all sounds very good. I would like to make a correction, however. Only ordained deacons, priests, and bishops are Eucharistic ministers: laymen are considered extraordinary ministers because they are used only under extraordinary circumstances, such as an insufficient number of ordinary ministers. I mention this because it is a VERY common mistake.
Thank you for your comments and for your dedication to the Eucharist.
Mr. Slavek.
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